Dec 272012

Once a month, EADA organises an Open Day in Barcelona designed for candidates who would like to get to know the school and complete the admission process in person. Candidates can take the admission tests, participate in an EADA class and complete the personal interview with the programme director.

German Kaspar Mahnkof, International MBA, attended an Open Day before deciding to enrol in the MBA programme. Taking part in an EADA class was crucial to his decision, as it was an ideal opportunity to see EADA’s methodology in action. Álvaro Fernández, participant in the Master en Marketing, agrees that the first-hand experience with EADA’s methodology was one of the most interesting aspects of the day.

The experience of American Jerome Thamungruxsat, Master in Hospitality Management, at the Open Day also proved influential. ‘I definitely wanted to be sure I was choosing the right school,’ he said. ‘In addition to EADA, I also visited two business schools in France and two universities back in the U.S.’ He was particularly impressed by the diverse activities carried out throughout the day. ‘Right away, we were introduced to EADA’s “learning-by-doing” methodology through a case study,’ he remembers. ‘We also met with Admissions Office, Careers Services, and our respective programme Directors. Through all these interactions, I was able to identify EADA’s proactive and professional culture.’

One of the most valuable aspects of the Open Day for participants is the opportunity to meet current MBA and Master participants.

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