Jan 162013

Simón Borrero, alumni of the MBA Internacional, explains his experience at EADA and his company IMAGINAMOS.COM

I love creating businesses and ventures. I have started 9 companies in my life; 4 of them are making money and the rest of them have been really expensive learning experiences.  My company IMAGINAMOS.COM is the one that helped me pay for my MBA and is the one that has grown the most thanks to the MBA.

What happened when you finished your MBA?

I went back to Colombia to continue with my company (Imaginamos.com). In the next 2 years, the company went from 45 employees to 190.  We are developing award-winning mobile apps and software and we love it.  In this industry, it’s important to have fresh ideas and the MBA helped me improve my ability to measure the market and develop products for it.  In our company, we collaborate and we train ourselves; this has been essential to quick growth.

What is your perception of the school like now, after finishing the MBA?

EADA is perfect for people that are looking for something beyond a diploma. I really appreciate that they help you not only to grow as a professional, but also as a person.  By having to work on projects with such different people, you really learn that there is more than one way to do things right. Being able to listen and respect different angles and points of view makes you more mature.

How useful was what you learned in the MBA?

Very useful to grow my company. I also still have lots of notes to put into practice in the future when my company reaches a higher level. Something that was really important for me was what we learned about compensation: with the right incentives, your employees are more focused and responsible.

How would you describe your experience at EADA? What was the highlight?

The day I went to class and felt that my answers to that day’s case were not as smart or as good as I had thought I instantly knew that my brain needed a lot of training…and that I was in the right place to get it.  Speaking in public gets you out of your comfort zone and really helps you prepare for big moments.

  2 Responses to “Creating companies is my passion”

  1. Simón, you have been such an inspiration for many Colombian entrepreneurs like us. Thank you.

  2. Simon, congratulations. You are an inspiration for the Colombian start ups.

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