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Iolanda García, Director of the Career Service Department at EADA, discusses the work of her department and labour market trends.

What does EADA Career Service do?

Career Service aims to strengthen the link between the business world and the professionals in EADA. Our mission is to provide current participants, alumni and companies with a high quality service that contributes to their development and career goals. We offer participants a wide range of services from initial orientation to personalised follow-through. We specialise in helping participants plan and achieve their career goals.   EADA collaborates with both national and multinational companies from a wide variety of sectors, providing them with a recruitment service to help them identify the candidates that are best for them. The success of the Career Service Department is based on three principles: maintaining a close relationship with the business world, providing personalised counselling for participants and alumni and providing cutting edge tools and resources for career development.

What types of activities do you offer to improve participants’ marketability in the labour market?

We offer several types of activities. The programme that the participant is enrolled in is an important indicator as to which activities are best suited to his or her profile. Other factors that can help guide participants’ development are their years of professional experience, nationality, destination country post-graduation and area of specialisation. Activities and services include:

-Business presentations

-Career Fair and on-campus recruitment events

-Online job bank

-Emailings of professional opportunities specially designed for each programme

-Online and offline resources for career development at the national and international level, Graduates Programmes, MBA Leadership Programmes

-Career workshops including strategic job hunting, CVs and personal branding, interview role-plays, the Assessment Centre and salary negotiations

-Live Webinars with world-renowned experts from a wide variety of sectors, industries and countries

 Where do EADA’s alumni work?

The following companies consistently recruit employees at EADA: Abertis, Accentura, ADP, Alstrom, American Express, Aon, Apple, AT&T, Banca March, Banco Mediolanum, Banesto,  Bon Preu, Bosch, Deloitte, DHL, Diageo, Ericsson, GE, General Motors, Google, Grifols, Groupon, Henkel, Hewlett Packard, Hotel Arts, Hoteles Melia, Starwood, HSBC, IBM, ING Group, Kimberly Clark, KPMG, KronFerry International, Management Solutions, Mango, Merck, Nestle, Nike, Novartos, Repsol, Seat, Sony and Unilever (among others).

What are the current market trends? How has the crisis affected the labour market?

Fortunately, diversity is the name of the game at EADA; our current participants and alumni come from a wide variety of countries, and they are interested in broadening their horizons through global growth. While we have noticed a drop in job offers at the national level, we have also seen a general shift in the type of candidates that companies are looking for, resulting in a higher demand for specialised professionals in certain sectors (telecommunications, retail, energy, etc.). The crisis has meant that we are promoting participants’ career development abroad and in international companies. We have also seen a rise in opportunities in sectors such as energy and emerging economies.

Can you describe the employment figures post-graduation for master and MBA participants?

Approximately 82%-85% of participants are employed three months after graduation.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a job?

My advice would be to take a moment to define the sector, industry, type of company, area and city where the candidate wants to work before beginning the job hunt. For young professionals, I would emphasise the importance of choosing the initial steps in their career carefully.

It is important to make the right choices from the very beginning, and not leave your career to chance. I would encourage the candidate to meet with a career counsellor and experts from the sector where he or she would like to work. Once the career objective has been defined, I would suggest identifying the target companies and analysing what the candidate can bring to them. This will help define his or her personal brand. I would also recommend gaining professional experience abroad and emphasise the importance of developing a network of contacts from the very beginning. Most importantly, I would suggest developing a strategic job search plan to achieve the established career goals and encourage the candidate to be persistent and committed to those goals.   And don’t forget: entrepreneurship is also an option!

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