Jan 302013

Daniel Arroyo, MBA

After finishing my undergraduate degree in International Business in Mexico, I asked myself: What should my career path be?, Are my studies good enough for me to be successful?, How can I gain a more complete vision of the business world today? So I decided to dedicate the next few years to developing projects for private Mexican companies based in China.

Seeing the rapid rate of development in the economy of the Dragon surprised me. But more than that, it gave rise to some doubts about what I had seen in other countries. In China, I saw that as people migrated from the countryside to cities, urban areas grew disproportionately, creating new needs in the population. But this also raised several questions: What type of transport was best super-cities?, At what cost did increases in energy consumption come?, Where did sustainable development fit in? ….Then I met my new company.

Working in Alstom (leader in rail infrastructure and power generation solutions) has helped me to identify the growth opportunities in every country based on sustainable models. But how to communicate this message to the different stakeholders? How  to sell a long-term business model in today’s economy? Are our providers ready to make sacrifices?

I had heard good things about EADA and after learning more about the MBA Part Time, I knew that it could help me improve my areas of knowledge. What surprised me most was the contact with professors who had experience with the same problems in their professional life as me. I found that the Case Method was completely applicable to my experience, and valued the help I received from classmates and very competent professors from different sectors and areas.

Reflecting on the situations I have been faced with since graduation, I can confirm that the nearly two years I spent in Barcelona were very constructive and full of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Moreover, the commitment of our international, multicultural work group helped us all to grow in our own sectors. I am proud to say that that we continue to grow to this day with the same EADA spirit.

Daniel Arroyo attending the MBA International Week in Nanyang

Without a doubt, my experience in EADA was an excellent complement to my education. Today, in Alstom, after consolidating partners in Europe, China, India, South Africa and Latin America, I believe in the growth and development of our projects and I am confident that we have chosen the right path

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