Feb 122013

EADA MBA alumni in Haas School of Business (Berkeley, USA)

EADA’s Master and MBA programmes are organised around international components that complement the multicultural classroom experience. The International Week Abroad, International Week module, and exchange programme all contribute to enriching participants’ experience at EADA.

 International Week Abroad (MBAs)

Each July, EADA’s MBA hosts the International Week Abroad, an event contributing to the continuous professional development of MBA alumni. The week consists of classes in a world-renowned business school combined with company visits to help participants understand the local business environment. Past events have been held in the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore, India), the Haas School of Business (Berkeley, USA) and the Indian School of business (Hyderabad, India). In 2013, the International Week Abroad will be held in NYE Stern.

International Weeks (Masters)

EADA’s Master programmes include an international module carried out at EADA in the second trimester. During the International Weeks module, Master programme participants have the opportunity to choose two elective subjects. EADA invites visiting professors from partner business schools in addition to senior managers with outstanding experience to deliver courses on a range of topics in English and Spanish covering finance, human resources, management, and marketing. The International Weeks module is an ideal opportunity to make contact and develop networks with participants on other programmes.

This March, visiting professors came from 11 schools around the world, including the Bradford School of Business (UK), the University of New York (USA) and CENTRUM (Peru).

Exchange programme (MBAs and Masters)

Participation in EADA’s exchange programme is open to Master and MBA students and provides a valuable opportunity for those who are looking to extend their studies abroad.

Participants take part in the exchange programme after completing their degree at EADA. Exchanges take place between September and December and students choose from 29 partner schools throughout North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Each school offers a different programme and upon completion, participants receive a certificate from the school where they studied. Academic programmes differ from one institution to another, but are generally specialised in marketing, finance, human resources or management.

Adrián Louzao (Master en Marketing 2007-2008) studied a trimester inSwedenthrough EADA’s exchange programme and had an ‘unforgettable’ experience. ‘I learned new management concepts, perfected my English and made friends that I am still in contact with today,’ he says.

Students from partner schools also attend classes throughout the year in EADA, contributing to the diversity of perspectives in the classroom. Exchange student Daniel Breiderhoff (International Master in Finance 2009-2010, first trimester) cites the international work teams as the ‘absolute highlight’ of his studies at EADA.

Japanese exchange student Toshimitsu Yoshinari (International MBA 2009-2010, first trimester) agrees, emphasising the value of networking. ‘South Americais on the other side of the world from my country and I hadn’t had much opportunity to get to know people from there,” he says. ‘Now I have a network that will help me in the future.’

Like the exchange students who come from all over the world to attend classes in EADA, the International Week Abroad and the International Weeks module help to create a challenging international environment in which participants learn and grow

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