Jun 032013

Olga Monje alumna of the International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Exclusivity, design, genuine hospitality, personalised service and unique locations, are just a few of the reasons why guests choose One&Only hotels.

The One&Only Group currently includes seven resorts in attractive destinations such as the Bahamas, Dubai, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico and South Africa. In the next few years, it will open three more locations in Sanya, Montenegro and Jeddah.

After completing the International Master in Hospitality Management at EADA, I had the opportunity to work in One&Only Le Saint Géran in Mauritius. While I was there, I could put into practice what I had learned at EADA, with positive, rewarding results. One&Only is, without a doubt, a school where you can continue learning every day, with the highest service standards and a demanding professional environment.

Kerzner International (which includes One&Only, Atlantis and Mazagan), has a clear vision and well-defined values. It understands that people are the most important resource in a company. In the hospitality sector, we sell service, experiences and even dreams. If workers are satisfied and feel valued in the organisation, the quality of service will be better and, consequently, customers will be happier.

Another added value in the One&Only family is the continued professional development it offers its workers. Management clearly sees staff development as fundamental, which helps create a bond between workers and the company.

I am currently working in One&Only’s newest resort, The Palm in Dubai, which opened its doors in October 2010. My experience here has been even more intense than in Mauritius, with more tourists in such a strategic geographic area. Emirates Airlines has more than 400 daily flights arriving and departing from Dubai, and that is only one of many airlines here.

The hotel is a reflection of the cosmopolitan, multicultural city that surrounds it; there are 376 staff members representing 44 different nationalities. This diversity is incredibly enriching both personally and professionally.

In my opinion, One&Only and EADA have many things in common: the high quality of service, consistency, professionalism and of course, both are places where business people grow.

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