Jun 132013

In addition to the traditional hard skills-based courses in finance, marketing, strategy, operations and human resources, EADA’s MBA includes many opportunities to participate in activities focused on soft skills. These curricular and extra-curricular activities are not only great fun, but are designed to get participants out of their comfort zone to test and observe psychological barriers.

Among the curricular activities are 5 modules based on management skills, teamwork, leadership, communication and negotiation. These modules are based on the development of the key competencies needed to succeed in the business world: working in diverse teams and adapting to multicultural environments, communicating effectively in the business world and making powerful presentations and using negotiation techniques and leadership skills effectively.

Outdoor activities are often integrated into the residential modules. For example, in the first soft skills module in EADA’s Residential Training Centre, students define their mission for the MBA and record it in a video. The process to deliver the mission involves a 3-hour walk to the Montserrat Monastery on a mountain trail. Students also learn about teamwork through outdoor activities. In the teamwork module, students go caving, and are presented with the challenge of carrying water from the entrance of the cave to the end using nothing more than two trays and a rubber pipe. As the trays are bigger than some of the cave tunnels, teams must devise creative solutions to ensure that the water reaches the end.

The MBA also includes extra-curricular activities focused on soft skills. Forty-three of this year’s participants have registered to take part in the Sahara Desert Self Empowerment Course. These participants will spend 5 days in Morocco, during 3 of which they will be travelling to the Sahara Desert. The course is designed to promote guided self-reflection using experiential methodologies based on teamwork and introspection.

Just a few months later, in July 2013, MBA participants will be invited to attend a course on Disruptive Innovation at NYU in the United States. Attendees will visit companies like Google, 3D printer manufacturer and Sony Wonder Labs.

EADA believes that the development of soft skills goes hand in hand with hard knowledge. The MBA promotes awareness of personal development through both curricular and extra-curricular activities. This helps candidates make professional decisions about the future, in the long term improving participants’ employability and preparing them for reincorporation into the business world.

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