Jul 222013

Vagish Sharma, International MBA, with Giulio Toscani, MBA Director

Vagish Sharma (International MBA – EADA and BS in Environmental Biotechnology – Amity University) shares his experience at EADA.

1.Why did you decide to come to Barcelona to study an MBA?

I came to Barcelona to study an MBA to learn and diversify my profile with students from different countries. In addition, I wanted to explore international opportunities in fun nearby cities, as I love travelling and, even more, I love learning to understand the depth of art and culture. I not only loved living in Barcelona, but I also lived seeing all of Spain.

2. Why did you choose EADA business school?

EADA business school is one of the most prominent business school with reasonable tuition fees, which reflects its high ranking in “Value for Money”. Also, coming from an energy background, another reason why I chose EADA was the specialization in energy finance.

3. How was your experience in EADA? What are your future “job” plans?

My experience at EADA business school was impressive and fantastic. I learned a lot with regards to international study patterns as well new approaches in decision-making and entrepreneurship. My job prospects are still unclear, but I am interested in working in the energy markets in Europe or the Middle East.

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