Oct 252013

Caroline Kim, USA, International Master in Finance

My Master in Finance at EADA was an invaluable learning experience that equiped me with the financial acumen needed to shift my career from Marketing to Finance. Before graduating from EADA, I had worked in M&A and Valuations. Inmediately after graduation, I purdued an opportunity in Global Operations Finance at Yahoo.

Currently my role focuses on advertiser and ad product revenue forecasting and analysis for global sales teams at Yahoo! I’ve been with Yahoo! for nearly two years and was promoted from senior financail analyst to finance manager, now leading the global ad product revenue analysis.

I have fond memories of my time at EADA and cherish what Ilearned ther. EADA’s teaching methodology gave me the tools to shape how I approched problems and the professors motivated me to have  healthy debates to expand my ways of thinking.

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