Nov 202013

Upon finishing her Master, Jingjing joined Growinfinance and currently works in the Credit and Risk Management Department of the Spanish fashion giant in Barcelona.

Jingjing shared her experience at EADA and described her current position at Mango.

1. How would you describe your experience at EADA?

It was impressive; each class was a simulation of a real business situation. From day one, EADA put us to work on case studies in multicultural teams, and we were given real cases to solve and learn from. It was quite an intense, challenging experience, but at the same time I had a lot of fun and learned how to work with people from different cultures and with different personalities.

2. Give 3 reasons why you chose EADA.

  1. Value for money
  2. Practicality
  3. Positioning

3. What was the highlight of your EADA experience? 

It was the mix of team working spirit and “learning by doing” methodology. It helped me to understand how to work with people from different cultures as well as find my position in a team. The “learning by doing” methodology allowed me to participate a lot in classes and after class projects with my team. I really enjoyed the learning process.

4. What were the students in your class like?

All the participants in my class were from different countries and continents. I was very surprised to find such a multinational atmosphere and at the end it was really beneficial for all the participants. In my stable team, each member had a different nationality and we learned from each other as much as from the classes.

5. What is your current position and company? How did your experience at EADA prepare you for this position? 

I work in the Franchisee Management Department in MANGO. In my work, I deal with a lot of franchisees of MANGO in different countries. The experience of working with people from diverse cultures at EADA makes me comfortable in my position. The other soft skills I learned at EADA’s Residential Training Centre such as negotiation skills, presentation skills, etc., helped me to gain confidence in my current position.

6. What advice would you give to students applying to the programme?

Prepare your mind for some hard work and have fun

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