Dec 202013

1.   EADA has been ranked among the top European business schools in the world according to the Financial Times.

2.   EADA has been re-awarded the international accreditations of EQUIS and AMBA.

3.   EADA is entering its second year as a full partner of the CFA Institute, the leading global financial professional accreditation body.

4.   EADA has launched two new official master programmes this year:

Master en Management (in Spanish)

International Master in Accounting and Finance (in English)

5.  89% of alumni from this year were working 3 months after graduation

6.  The  EADA community has continued to grow, with over 6,000 participants joining our programmes annually from more than 50 different countries.

7.  EADA has collaborated academically and participated in exchange programmes with 28 world renowned business schools.

8.  EADA has launched two new initiatives in relation to the growing demand for entrepreneurs and the important role of CSR in today’s companies:

The EADA Entrepreneurship Centre 

The Centre for Corporate Sustainability Impact

9.      EADA has rejuvenated its corporate image.

10.   This year EADA organised the Be Marketing Day, making Barcelona Marketing capital for a day.

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