Jan 032014

Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management, Class 2014

EADA’s International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management has been ranked number 1 in Spain and 10 in the world by EDUNIVERSAL. The ranking has selected EADA´s International Master in Tourism & Hospitality Management Master among 1000 Business Schools. In order to elaborate the ranking, Eduniversal has based his methodology on three main aspects: the reputation of the programme, the career prospects and the satisfaction of the students.

The International Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management has a duration of 12 months were students combine the theoretical and practical knowledge. Focusing on a learning by doing methodology the participants acquire the hard and soft skills needed to be a successful manager.

Mireia Montane, Programme Director, defines the international profile of the participants, together with the expertise of the faculty and the opportunity to work in multinational companies as some of the main factors of success of the programme

Companies like Hilton, The One & Only, NH, Mandarin Oriental, Jumeirah Hotels, Starwood, Port Aventura or Vueling, are some of the organizations where our participants are working after their interships.

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