Jan 242014

It is the beginning of the second trimester for us, with new classes, new teachers and new students to meet. The first wave of exchange students returned to their home countries and they have been replaced by new ones. Where are they from? What are their stories? No doubt all of them will bring new experiences.

The first interesting cultural titbit comes from an exchange student from India. “Back home, people spend tons of money on skin whitening creams,” he remarked. “Here, all I see are tanning salons. You lock yourselves in tiny cabins to get tan…it makes no sense!” Problem solved, my light skin and I are moving to India! But, spot on, we always want what we can’t have.

Classes have started on January 7, following the national holiday on Monday, January 6 for the ‘Reyes Magos’. The Master in Marketing started the trimester with a week-long simulation called “Markstrat”, a strategic marketing simulation in which students make challenging decisions for a fictional company. Topics covered include competition, distribution, advertising and R&D. Participants found the simulation nerve wrecking, exciting and challenging.

In the Master in Finance, “the trimester got off to a flying start” according to one participant. A newly-arrived exchange student agreed, expressing his initial impression of the challenging workload. “I have enough homework for a whole year!” he commented. “I’ve never studied finance before, but I might learn more here in 4 months than in a full year elsewhere.” Well, I guess that’s the point.

Written by M.S, International Master in Marketing participant from Belgium

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