Mar 052014

EADA´s Executive Meeting takes place on Friday 7th March and will be broadcast in Spanish via streaming. The event will be at the Hotel Arts, Barcelona and the theme is High Performance Leadership with an emphasis on recent investigations that prove businesses increasing demand for employees and teams with a high level of self-leadership and efficency. It is a current topic which coincides with EADA´s committment to training and the personal development of the people who make up organizations and businesses, especially those with a strong humanist profile.

The meeting will be attended by the lecturer and director of EADA´s Coaching Competency Centre Steven Poelmans. He will present the investigations and publications that have been completed on recent findings in neuroscience and apply them to improving the effectivness of management.

Other speakers who will take part in the event are Dr. Eduard Estivill, a specialist dream doctor, Dr Victoria Pons, head of Physiology and Nutrition at CAR Sant Cugat; Estrella Fernández, lecturer at EADA and a Mindfulness instructor with a Masters in neuropsychology and cognitive stimulation; Imma Marin, expert in gamification; Benny Lee, president and CEO of DuraComm Corporation; Xesco Espar, executive coach and manager with extensive experience in high performance sport – he was a professional handball player and trainer for F.C Barcelona; and Francesc Arbiol, director of LinkedIn España with an Executive Masters in Marketing Direction from EADA, year 93-94.

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