Mar 122014

Today´s corporate world is continually taking more data into consideration when it comes to decision making. A company must efficiently analize and consider all information in order to stay competitive. The quantity of data companies have access to and this need to stay ahead has given rise to the Big Data phenomenon.

But what do we mean by the term Big Data? Big Data is the management and analysis of large volumes of data which cannot be dealt with in a conventional way since it exceeds the capacity of most currently used software. The concept encompasses infrastructure, technology and services all created to provide a solution to the task of processing the large and diverse amounts of data captured from ERP or CRM systems, text reports, the Internet, or provided by sensors, microphones, cameras and images. Its main objective is also to accelerate decision making through the velocity of analisis of the data received.
Given the importance of Big Data and the professional opportunites it creates in big multinationals from the finance, insurance and mass consumerism sectors, amoung others, EADA has implemented a course in its Master and MBA programmes on the understanding and management of Big Data under the direction of professor Manu Carricano

Due to EADA´s association with Oracle and Tableau Software the school´s Master and MBA students are exposed to advanced tools and methodologies to become data savvy managers and develop more efficiently their own business ideas.

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