Jun 202014

Today we get to meet Marco Meier, 2008 International Master in Marketing alumnus. Though German, Marco studied his undergraduate degree in the USA after being awarded a scholarship for sporting excellence. In finding a balance between his sporting carrer and his studies, Marco graduated from Business Management and decided to specialize in Marketing, the area in which he had successfully developed his professional career.

Marco tells us how studying at EADA has had an important impact on his professional career and compares the work ethic he learnt at EADA with the one he currently uses at Google. Both have a global vision, with teams of international employees working in an environment where everyone´s opinion counts and team members work with enthusiasm to achieve a common objective.

Marco recommends that recent graduates work in what they enjoy and that they do theirr work with passion because this is what will bring them sucess. Advise that fits well with EADA´s philosophy.

Below you can watch the complete interview with Marco Meier by Jordi Diaz, current Dean.

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