Dec 262014

Are you interested in applying to one of EADA’s Internationaol Master or MBAs? I am a current International Master in Management student and I want to provide you with some tips and advice to make your life easier during the application process.

Admission Process

  • If you are applying from abroad, I recommend starting the application process as soon as possible since it takes time to prepare and gather all the required documents. This is especially true if your documentation is in a language other than English or Spanish, since you will have to translate it. Also, if you are from a country outside of the European Union, you will need additional time for the student visa process.
  • If you haven’t taken the GMAT, you can still take EADA’s alternative admission test. While taking the test, which can be done online, I suggest not rechecking your answers, since time is limited. Also, be sure to have your calculator out; don’t get stuck trying to work out the solutions on a sheet of paper. The test is not another version of the GMAT, but rather an assessment of your problem solving skills and critical thinking.
  • Be prepared for the interview with the programme director or the programme representative in your region. Do some research on questions that you might be asked and practice, practice, practice (but don’t forget to be yourself!). Be prepared to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses, how you can add value to the school and how you see yourself after the programme. Be clear about your motivations for doing the programme.
  • Worrying about the answer about admission will not make it arrive any faster. If you trust yourself and your abilities, then you will likely get in to one of the best European business schools.

Written by: Deborah Yap, International Master in Management 2015, Panamá.

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