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The participation of women within the financial sector has been increasing in recent years. Reasons are varied but, according to a large-scale study by BCG, women focus more on long-term financial security for themselves and their families, which could be an attractive quality for financial services firms. To know more about women’s views on the financial sector, we have interviewed two top EADA students from the International Master in Accounting & Finance: Amarilda Koka and Sneha Varghese.

Amarilda Koka

Amarilda Koka, International Master in Accounting & Finance

How do you perceive opportunities for women in the financial sector today?

Amarilda: The financial sector has always been a sector dominated by men, but during these last decades it has changed. More educated women have decided to work in this sector. Of course, it is still extremely difficult and sometimes downright impossible, but not surprisingly the percentage of women working in finance has increased. I think it’s not only a matter of gender anymore. It has started to become a matter of skills and capabilities and this offers great opportunities since now we are on equal terms.

Sneha: I believe opportunities for women in the financial sector are growing at a fast pace. I don’t think a qualified or experienced woman would be denied the job because of gender. As you may already know, in recent times, the number of women in top Management positions have increased, which is brilliant.

What are your views on the current financial status of your country?

Amarilda: Albania is a small developing country and its financial sector has started to become steadily important during the last years. Unfortunately, since 2008, it has been growing more slowly and facing more risks. It is still very fragile and needs further reforming. However, it is a promising one since there is a lot of room to grow and an increasing number of financial institutions are now helping its development. I am optimistic that it will advance even further with the help of the new generation.

Sneha: The Indian economy is recovering better than other emerging markets and especially after Mr. Modi won the elections with an absolute majority, which provides the investors and the businesses with an assurance in terms of stability.

Why did you choose to pursue an International Master in Accounting and Finance at EADA?

Amarilda: Doing a masters has been one of my main objectives since I started my schooling. When I applied for EADA, I read everything possible and afterwards I was truly convinced that it was the school for me. This programme had everything I wanted, each course was interesting and the way they were taught was totally new for me. Not only it would help me grow as a professional, but also the emphasis on social skills, would help me grow as a person. Also, I love the fact that you get to meet people from different countries and backgrounds. Exchanging ideas and opinions is very interesting and rewarding. I believe that it perfectly matches my interests, passions, and expectations.

Sneha Varghese

Sneha Varghese, International Master in Accounting & Finance

Sneha: While I was looking at different options to pursue my masters in Europe, I had the opportunity to meet with one of the representatives from EADA at an education fair and I found this course most interesting with a mix of both finance and accounting which was exactly what I was looking for. Further, the fees and living expenses in Barcelona were within my budget and it gave me an affordable degree.

What are your short-term and long-term career aspirations?

Amarilda: For me, it would be a successful step to launch my career working in one of the Big Four audit and consulting companies. I love the work those firms do and the connections that you can establish while working there. I am sure that it will be very fulfilling and an amazing experience that will teach me a lot.

Sneha: After I finish my masters at EADA in June, I would like to do an exchange semester at one of EADA’s partner schools. I also plan on looking for jobs or internships simultaneously. My long-term goal would be to gain experience in one of the Big Four or a multinational company; and later probably start something of my own.

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