Jun 082015

OpportunitiesDuring the course of this year we have had some amazing opportunities to hear first-hand the career opportunities currently available from multinational companies in various industries such as Accenture, Deloitte, Boehringer Ingelheim, Mango, Unilever and Philips. So as the end of the final term comes into sight I thought it was a good idea to review the benefits of attending these presentations and to encourage everyone at EADA to seize these invaluable opportunities – Nestlé will be coming soon!

Hearing the company’s own view of itself and its future can give some idea of its ‘personality’; from its communication and management style to its values and vision for the future. All this really helps to find out where the company finds its enthusiasm and drive from as well as providing a reflection of the company’s workplace and whether you feel you would fit in and could grow within the company. Many people have said they found there were opportunities or areas they hadn’t thought of before and sometimes you realise there are different routes to what you intend to do.

Recently, the Iberia Business Development Manager of Philips came to give what was a wide ranging and really informative presentation focused on the opportunities, both in Spain and internationally, for Masters and MBA students and how they will form a key role in the future of the company. The manager explained some of the current vacancies available, types of postgraduates taken on, career paths, training schemes and their expectations for applicants. The last part of his presentation explained new talent acquisition as well as the HR and interview process at Philips and he gave some sincere advice for applying for any job:

  • Choose only the companies you really want to work for, whose products you have real interest in and where you feel there will be a good fit
  • PREPARE for the interview – know at least as much information about the company and its products as was in his presentation (which was a lot!)
  • Communicate with energy in the interview and show interest
  • Ask questions, but be sure they are appropriate!

So I really encourage everyone to take these invaluable opportunities at EADA and I wish everyone good luck for their applications!

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