Jul 142015

EADA’s training center at Collbato has been one of my favorite parts of my Masters experience. It has helped me grown a lot from a professional point of view because every time I got back from each out of four modules, I woud come back with a challenge.

EADA Residential Trainning CenterThe first module was on teamwork and cultural diversity. I remember that we were asked to do a drawing to present ourselves and to show how did we see ourselves in the future. My drawing was (aside from awful because I am terrible at drawing) about myself being afraid of public speaking. In my previous job, I was used to doing presentations all the time, but this time was something different as the audience was bigger plus I was not used to do presentations in English.

The second module was regarding presentation skills. The professor made us present multiple times. He even recorded us while presenting and everyone in the classroom gave us feedback about things I couldn’t even notice. However, after this module, I was more aware of myself while presenting, something I wasn’t before because I just wanted to get over with it.

The third module was about negotiation. This was an interesting one because we did role-plays and I learned that in negotiation sometimes maybe what the other party wants is not necessarily contrary to your objectives.

And last but not least, the fourth module was on leadership where we had to do a presentation on our overall experience and I couldn’t help thinking how much I have accomplished in terms of my presentation skills after six months. Today, I am far from being an expert at presenting, but I am sure I am on the right track to keep improving.

All these challenges have helped me to get to know myself better and to get me prepared not only for my future professional career path but also for my personal life.

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