Jun 302016
Bibiana Camba, MBA Admissions Director

Bibiana Camba, MBA Admissions Director

Let me introduce myself: My name is Bibiana Camba, and I am the Admissions Director for EADA’s international degree programmes. One of the most common questions that I hear in fairs, Skype sessions and one-on-one meetings with candidates, is, What is EADA’s ideal MBA candidate?

This question has no easy answer, as EADA looks for a combination of qualities that will ensure that a candidate will be able to both contribute meaningfully and excel in our programme.

The 3 most important qualities in an MBA candidate for EADA are:

  1. Enthusiasm and passion

A successful participant is enthusiastic and passionate as he/she is highly motivated to pursue an MBA. One essential ingredient for a successful MBA class is having motivated participants with clear focus and commitment. Undergoing an MBA programme requires diligence and hard work. Participants must demonstrate strong discipline, focus, efficiency and professionalism to make the most out of their year.

  1. Curiosity and a willingness to learn

Although all MBA candidates enter the admission process with an extensive knowledge base in business, the successful candidate will demonstrate the intellectual curiosity necessary to learn new things and analyse the same situation from many different angles. This curiosity can also be demonstrated in a candidate’s open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability.

  1. Collaborative nature and a problem-solving mind-set

EADA’s ideal MBA candidate needs to have a good dose of common sense and be ready to work in very diverse teams. Working in teams allows participants to conceptualise and think critically. In teams, participants will analyse complex business situations that require creative approaches and pragmatic solutions. Strong problem-solving skills will be critical throughout the year.

I hope the above provides some general help on how to approach a business school application.

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