Mar 282017

This month, EADA Business School placed among the finalists of the local CFA Research Challenge. At the beginning of March, teams were required to submit a written report on Merlin Properties. The report calculated the intrinsic share value and, taking into account the current market price, expressed a recommendation to buy, sell or hold.

The EADA CFA Research Team in Madrid

EADA team members found the experience rewarding and highly recommend it to future participants. “The industry-level experience is invaluable,” says EADA team member Nathan Dolan. “The challenges you overcome during the competition serve your academic and professional development, refining technical skills and strengthening emotional intelligence.”

Team member Axel Hallinger appreciated the opportunity to combine the CFA Research Challenge with his studies at EADA: “The fact that the Challenge gives you hands-on experience at the same time as doing a world-class master programme adds unique value.”

At the beginning of March, an initial review was made of the submissions and the CFA tribunal selected six finalists –among them, EADA— to continue on to the next round of the competition.

Juliana Rosen especially values the real-world experience that the CFA Challenge has provided. “I would definitely recommend that future students participate in the CFA Challenge,” she says. “It broadens perspectives and really gives the sense of what it is like to work as an analyst.”

This year the EADA CFA team is composed of 5 members:

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