May 052017

In this era of great challenges, where globalisation demands that we are constantly at the forefront of everything while still maintaining high academic standards, it is key to choose our professional path carefully. This is the path that will lead us to our goals and dreams.

With this in mind, I chose to continue my academic journey searching for life experiences that contributed to my academic knowledge as well as allowed me to interact with new cultures. When I began researching master´s degrees, it was essential to analyse not only the programme itself, but also the personal experience and network that would support my professional future.

When I saw EADA master’s programmes listed in the Financial Times ranking, I decided to do more in-depth research. I discovered how EADA’s methodology encouraged the open exchange of ideas, as well as promoting multiculturalism through the analysis of business cases. All of this fit perfectly with my ideals, and even offered me the opportunity to improve my English. EADA allowed me to have it all…in just one programme.

 Participants of the International Master in Marketing- Bilingual programme at EADA´s Residential Training Centre.

Participants of the International Master in Marketing- Bilingual programme at EADA´s Residential Training Centre.

Undoubtedly, the International Master in Marketing would fulfil my personal and professional career goals through a programme based on leadership and the development of teamworking abilities. It was in that precise moment when I made the greatest decision of my life: to leave behind the life I had in my country and pursue a new path that would change me forever.

Today, on my way to completing the International Master in Marketing, I realise how important this experience has been for me and how it has positively changed my way of thinking and acting. It is a long –and at some times, unsure– journey, but it is always rewarding and exciting. Your friends become your family and Barcelona becomes your home. You discover a city that surprises you every day, brings out the best in you and shows you a new world without limits. You delve into this world day after day, and you realise that your dream has come true.

It is nearly impossible to explain what it feels like to take the less chosen path to fulfil your dreams and fight for what you want – so I’ll just say that every moment that goes by is a new learning curve and a new challenge to tackle.

Camila Cardenas- Participant of the International Master in Marketing Bilingual Programme, 2017.

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