Jul 042017

Mozambican Mohamed Zameer Adam graduated from the International Master in Finance in June. Here he shares five things you can’t miss during your time in Barcelona.

1) A walk through to the Palau Nacional

A great place to have a pleasant walk in the afternoon while passing by the amazing fountains. While you’re there, you can go the “Jardins del Teatre Grec”, a great place to read a book while enjoying the beautiful gardens.

2) A bike ride along Barceloneta

You can enjoy the beach almost all year around in Barcelona, except for a few rainy days in January and February. This means that you can take a bike ride along the beach almost any time. Don’t forget to stop to get some seafood at one of the great restaurants overlooking the sea.

3) The best views of Barcelona 

To see the best views of Barcelona, I recommend Tibidabo – complete with an amazing theme park overlooking the city. To reach Tibidabo (the highest point of Barcelona), take the elevator at the Church at the base of the mountain and get off at the top!

4) The best sunset in Barcelona

Spending the afternoon on Montjuic is always a good choice. There are amazing views in every direction, and if you stay until the sunset, you won’t be disappointed.

5) And, of course, the Sagrada Familia

Visiting La Sagrada Familia is a “must” if you are in Barcelona. The extraordinary architecture and unique colors make it well worth the trip.


Mozambican Mahomed Zameer Adam completed EADA’s International Master in Finance in June. Before coming to Barcelona, he studied the first two years of his Bachelor’s in Management in Lisbon and then spent the final year in Bordeaux, France. He plans to work in corporate finance in the oil and gas industry, a major growth industry in his home country.

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