Nov 142017
Daniel Hernan, MBA Alumni, Class 2017

Daniel Hernan, MBA Alumni, Class 2017.

We interviewed Colombian MBA alumnus Daniel Hernan. Daniel is a graduate of the Universidad Javeriana, and has extensive experience in communication in companies such as Edelman and Burson Masteller. He is currently the Communications Manager – Colombia & Venezuela for GSK. According to Daniel, his MBA experience was key in the development of a strategic 360º vision of business.

What has the MBA meant to you?

The MBA was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In addition to the academic knowledge that I gained, the programme was a unique cultural experience. In the classroom, I was able to expand my horizons and explore new cultures alongside very talented young professionals with experience in a wide variety of fields.

How has the MBA helped you in your career?

The MBA helped me learn more in depth about the areas where I am weakest and provided me with a strategic 360º vision of business and the competitive environment in which it takes place. Without a doubt, the MBA improved my decision-making skills and my ability to tackle complex problems creatively and with limited resources. Today, I am a much more valuable professional in my team and I have a strategic perspective that helps me solve problems on a daily basis.

What were the highlights of the MBA for you?

  1. Daniel Hernan (Colombia), Clinton Walker (Australia) and Julian Schmit (Austria) at The Negotiation Challenge.

    Daniel Hernan (Colombia), Clinton Walker (Australia) and Julian Schmit (Austria) at The Negotiation Challenge, 2017.

    The professional contacts and friends that I made.

  2. The multicultural experience.
  3. The quality and rigour of the teaching and learning.


What makes EADA’s MBA different? 

  1. The professors.
  2. The focus on leadership skills at the EADA-Residential Training Campus.
  3. The strong focus on personal development not limited to simple test results.

What did you learn in the MBA that you apply in your current position?

  1. Teamworking skills.
  2. The assigning and prioritising of resources.
  3. Create problem-solving skills.

What will you remember most from your MBA experience?

Two lifelong friends that I met in the programme: Julian Schmid and Clinton Walker.

Define EADA in a few words.

A life experience.

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