Nov 202017
Santiago Ceballos, International MBA participant 2017.

Santiago Ceballos, International MBA alumnus, 2017.

We interviewed Colombian MBA alumnus Santiago Ceballos from the class of 2017. Here he shares his experience during his year in Barcelona as well as his new professional challenges. Santiago received a scholarship from Bancolombia –where he has worked for more than 10 years– to complete an MBA abroad and to continue his successful career.

What has the MBA meant to you?

It was not only a life-changing experience for me, but for my wife and daughter, too. The challenge of living abroad combined with the opportunity to have a whole year to develop myself as a person and as a leader was a unique experience.

What are your future career plans?

I will go back to Colombia to continue working at Bancolombia. Right now, I’m looking for new opportunities inside the company that will help me to apply of all the knowledge I acquired in EADA.

How has the MBA helped you in your career?

It definitely helped me to develop and strengthen my leadership skills. It also helped me to build new friendships and extend my network with students and professors from all over the world.

What three aspects of the MBA would you highlight?

Santiago Ceballos and International MBA programme director- Ella Boniuk at EADA´s  MBA graduation ceremony, 2017.

Santiago Ceballos and International MBA programme director-
Ella Boniuk at EADA´s MBA graduation ceremony, 2017.

  • Exceptional faculty. PhDs, consultants and business people teaching you and challenging you all the time.
  • People from all over the world. There were more than 20 nationalities in the MBA, and each participant with a different professional background.
  • The campus. And not just the Barcelona City Centre Campus, but the Residential Training Campus, where I developed leadership and personal skills.

What makes EADA’s MBA different?

EADA not only cares about your professional development, but also your personal development. The modules in the Residential Training Campus are a perfect example of that, and for me this type of personal development represents a distinguishing characteristic of EADA. In this amazing Campus, you work with all of your classmates to develop your leadership and interpersonal skills.

What have you learned from your MBA that you can apply on a daily basis?

I use what I learned in the MBA every day when I have to analyse and understand a problem and make decisions. I also use this knowledge to lead my team and an organisation to accomplish objectives.

What is the most rewarding special aspect of your year in Barcelona?

The friendships that we built with all of my classmates. We created a little family where each family member helped the other to accomplish the common goal: the MBA. We still keep in touch and I hope we will remain in touch for many years to come.

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