Nov 272017

EADA´s Alumni homecoming event at H10 Gallery.

On October 27, over 350 participants from the “EADA Community” kicked off the first extracurricular event for this year. EADA Community is a platform for extracurricular events aimed at international full time participants. The objective is to provide an opportunity for International Master’s and MBA participants to connect, share experiences and be inspired beyond the classroom.

At the October event, participants from the International Master’s and MBA programmes met at the H10 Gallery to improve their networking techniques. Girish Pramani, the Engagement Manager at Loftus Bradford and a cross-cultural networking expert, showed attendees the do’s & don’ts of successful networking.

After the speech, participants and other members of EADA Community –including professors, programme directors and staff– were thrown into the lion pit to practice what they had learnt. The event was filled with opportunities for growth with students from over 60 different countries. But it wasn’t all business – many friendships started from networking that day.

Although the event lasted just a few hours, participants stayed longer to share their experiences, ideas, and knowledge with their new acquaintances from all over the world.


Native Barcelonian Marta Balaguer is currently completing the International Master in Marketing at EADA. She holds a degree in advertising and has experience working in an advertising agency.

Aly Genena is from Egypt and is a current participant on the International Master in Finance. He worked as an asset management analyst for over two years.

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