Dec 072017

Grecia Colmenares 

This week has been difficult for us to work on the CFA Research Challenge due to the load of final projects and final exams that we currently have. We are very excited and feeling much more confident about Indra’s information as well as our general knowledge of the company. The access to the Bloomberg terminal has made the information gathering easier and faster. We’re amazed about how much information the platform contains – what a powerful resource. After the finals are done, we’ll speed up the process of the reports and evaluations.


Ashiqur Rahman

This was technically the last week before our first trimester finals, so everyone was involved in last-minute assignment submissions, presentation creations and quiz preparations, but our hearts were still with the Research Challenge. Despite having huge commitments for this coming Monday –including a trimestral final exam–, we didn’t let anything impede our progress. The sheer level of excitement and passion for learning and working together motivates all of us to go the extra mile.

Our team met at a nice café in the medieval streets of Barri Gotic, ready to research and crunch numbers. We arrived at 3:00 pm, and before we had even realised, the clock read 9:00 pm, and we parted ways with happy faces. Looking forward to an exciting meeting with our advisor this coming week.

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