Dec 122017

Clinton Walker, International MBA Alumni 2017

We met up with Australian MBA alumnus Clinton Walker in London to find out how things have been going since graduation. Clinton is currently working as a financial analyst at Africa Merchant Capital Ltd. He did the MBA with the aim of boosting his career in engineering. During the programme, Clinton discovered a passion for finance that led to an unexpected career change. At EADA, he was able to participate in the international competition The Negotiation Challenge in Colombia and take part in training in the PwC Academy in Kazakhstan.

How has the MBA helped you professionally?

The MBA provided me the skillsets and international exposure I needed in order to redefine myself professionally and pursue a banking career in London.

Why did you choose EADA?

I chose EADA based on many factors, but the primary driver was the opportunity to do a specialisation in structured finance and spend a year in the beautiful city of Barcelona.

What would you highlight about your MBA experience?

The Structured Finance specialisation, the opportunity to participate in The Negotiation Challenge and the modules focused on strategy.

How was the experience of studying in Asia with PwC?

It was a truly complete experience: a unique cultural environment, state of the art facilities and an experienced investment banker as a professor.

Describe your experience in the international competition The Negotiation Challenge in Bogota, Colombia?

It was an intense, competitive experience, which very much encompassed the “learning by doing” philosophy of EADA. The Negotiation Challenge allowed me to learn both the fundamentals and intricate complexities of negotiation and put them into practice against the world’s best business and law schools.

What have you learnt from your MBA that you apply on a daily basis?

Finacial analysis, valuation, derivatives, strategy and negotiation.

What was the most unforgettable moment of your MBA experience?

Winning the international negotiation competition with classmates Daniel and Julian and having the opportunity to represent EADA in The Negotiation Challenge in Colombia.

What has the MBA meant to you?

The MBA has facilitated personal growth, widened my business acumen and helped me forge lifelong friendships.

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