Dec 142017

Ashiqur Rahman

With finals knocking at the door, this week meant business. While the whole school was buried under piles of books and class notes, guess what the CFA Research Challenge Team was doing? We actually met up not just once, but twice, this week to work on the research. Since we had a meeting scheduled with our advisor, Albert Vahlhaus, this week, we wanted to meet up to talk about how to articulate our research so far and structure our questions/concerns. That way, the meeting with Albert would be efficient and effective – addressing our concerns and future guidelines for deliverables.

And the meeting with Albert was indeed a success. Before I get into the details, I think our advisor needs a bit of an introduction. Albert has led a successful career, with many JV and M&A projects under his belt. Even today, apart from being an associate professor at EADA, he is still involved with the professional world through advisory and consultancy. It is worth mentioning that we are very fortunate to be under his umbrella of guidance, as he has both the academic knowledge and real hands-on experience. Albert has the ability to transmit and convey what he has learned in the most effective manner, and this has been a wonderful learning experience for us. In the meeting this week, he helped us when all we could see were roadblocks and encouraged us to pave a road through the cloud of confusion. We are planning to meet Albert again next week after finals, just before everyone is off for the holidays.

Grecia Colmenares

This week, we met at a café –Sandwichez– that had a delightful Christmas spirit! “Jingle bells” was playing non-stop and we enjoyed that cosy feeling of being inside looking out at the cold.

We had mixed emotions this week: some of us were nervous about studying for finals, some didn’t feel completely comfortable with the topics, while others were completely relaxed…and still others anxious to get to the mountains for the long weekend for some winter sports.

This week, we all agreed that the CFA Research Challenge has been, and will continue to be, a great experience to grow into our professional lives. We really feel like professionals, with all the advantages like Bloomberg – what an amazing platform! Even though it can be a bit tricky to use, by watching videos and tutorials, we found that we could learn a lot.

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