Dec 222017


This week we had a very informative session with our advisor Albert. He is very good at guiding us through the evaluation process, and all of the information he provides is extremely helpful.

With the Winter Break starting, it will be hard for us to meet up in person, but we will continue to work from home during the holidays.


Once the finals ended on Thursday, we boarded the CFA Research Challenge ship the very next day. Last Friday was less about researching and crunching data, and more about taking a step back to go over the methodologies and techniques for effective optimisation of the data set. A two-hour long session with our advisor Albert helped us close the door on several issues that no longer needed our attention, and open new doors for us to explore. We also used the time to mentally prepare ourselves for the next set of deliverables during the holidays and recharge to start the next year with a bang.

Now it is the holiday season filled with joy and happiness, and this is the last update of our team for 2017!


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