Feb 012018


This had been the most overwhelming week so far; not only did we manage to meet and work every day after class until the late evening, but we have also devoted more time once back at home. We met our advisor after not seeing him for almost a month and presented our first draft. The draft as not on par with our expectations, and the advisor didn’t find it satisfactory either. Then we took a step back and talked about everything we had done so far to get everyone on the same page. We analysed everything to the smallest detail and delegated cross-checks to produce a better report.

This week will follow the same overwhelming pattern with the goal of producing a second draft far better than the previous one.


As the deadline comes closer, the speed at which we are working is also increasing. Excitement and anxiety is in the air, but we are very happy to be a part of this opportunity and are hopeful that we will be selected for the final in the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Last week, we had the Q&A with Indra and it was very helpful for our overall valuation– hearing the information directly from the company injected us with energy, and gave us a sense of security regarding questions we previously had.

We’ve been meeting continuously, and we closed with a meeting on Sunday to talk about the pros and cons of the work done so far. We know what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done. Motivation is at its highest level!

We’re very excited and happy to be part of this challenge, I feel that I’ve learned so much from my team and from the company valuation. I’m very grateful.

Let’s see how we do next week.

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