Feb 142018

Aquib Aslam- International Master in Finance, class of 2014

We met up with Aquib Aslam in Dubai to talk about his experience at EADA. Aquib is an alumnus of the International Master in Finance class of 2014. Born in Bangalore, Aquib was educated in India, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, and passed all three levels of the CFA exam after graduating from EADA. Upon graduation, Aquib found work as an analyst at R.J. Fleming & Co., and last month he began a new position as an investment banking analyst at EFG-Hermes in Dubai.

How has the International Master in Finance helped you in your career?

The master’s programme at EADA helped me choose my professional career path more selectively, having been exposed to various options and with a strong base of financial knowledge. This inspired me to leverage my strengths and select the career that was right for me.

What about the International Master in Finance do you remember most?

The classroom diversity and the opportunity to understand and work with people from different cultures and mindsets. This experience improved my people-managing skills.

What is the difference between EADA’s programme and other master’s in finance?

I think EADA stood out for me in terms of value for money, as well as the location of the campus in the lively city of Barcelona.

What was the most memorable moment of your year at EADA?

The professional development modules at the leadership training campus. Soft skills are very important — few people understand just how important they are in the business community. EADA helped nurture and create a strong independent personality through the professional and personal development modules. This was the biggest takeaway for me.

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