Feb 192018

Albert Pasqual- International Master in Marketing- Bilingual programme Alumnus, class of 2015

This is the story of Albert Pasqual, graduate of EADA´s 2015 International Master in Marketing- Bilingual programme. Originally from Moncada near Valencia, he studied Business Administration at the University of Valencia. When Albert finished his degree, he went on to work for a consultancy. However, his goal was to pursue a marketing career at a major multinational and to do this he knew he needed more qualifications.

From the many options available, he chose EADA because of its highly qualified teaching staff and its methodology. He says that the course was intense but that it helped him grow personally and prepare him for the world of business. Upon finishing his masters, Albert worked for Danone. He currently works as a Product Brand Manager for Nestlé Purina.

How has the EADA Masters in Marketing helped you in your professional career?

It sounds cliché but doing this master certainly allowed me grow both personally and professionally. EADA uses the case study method so that every day it felt like we all worked for a different company and we had to solve real everyday problems. The case study method, the course programme, the teaching staff at EADA and the other master’s students helped me feel better prepared to face the challenges of my professional life.

What are your professional plans for the future?

You never know what the future will bring but I would say that my main objective is to keep growing, learn something new each day and search for motivation in whatever I do. By doing this I believe I can achieve my professional goals, one of which is to teach at EADA Business School Barcelona so I can show future generations how to attain their own goals.

Which aspects of the programme would you highlight?

I really believe it has everything you could want: it covers the theory, the practical and personal development at a high level. However, if I had to choose three aspects, I would say my classmates, the programme and the teaching and administration staff at EADA.

How does the EADA programme differ from other Masters programmes?

I think the main difference is the people that make it all possible. They really get involved on a personal level to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

What would you say was your best experience during your year at EADA Business School Barcelona?

I had some really good experiences during my time at EADA. However, I would say that the highlight for me was when I presented my dissertation at the end of the masters because it reflected a whole year of teamwork.


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