Feb 202018


This week we met with our tutor Albert to finish up fine tuning the written report, which is due in less than one week!

We believe that thanks to the team’s work and Albert’s recommendations and guidelines, we will be delivering a very professional report that will be selected for Madrid Stock Exchange finalist competition. We know the competition is hard — every detail will be taken into account.

Time is running out, so we’re speeding up the work!



It seems like even spending extensive hours every day, the report never seems to end; the more we try to be meticulous and fine-tune small observations, the more we get muddled down trying to be as accurate as possible. The last few days we have seen a few developments:

3-11 February: Non-stop working on the research with no breaks, and certainly no weekend partying.

12 February: Went to Madrid to attend a session with a research analyst who covers Indra and gained a new perspective.

13 February: Stayed in school until the end (after 10pm); major attention paid to designing the report layout. Completed the final draft and sent it to our advisor for final review.

14 February: the ast session with our advisor before sending out the draft; had to stay at school for quite a long time to incorporate last-minute changes.

15 February: Jumped on reviewing the report right after our class and read it through over and over again. Even though we could never be truly satisfied and were left wanting for a bit more, we knew it was time.

We have finally sent the report and are eagerly waiting for the results. Although we have given it our best in the past few months, we are very well aware that there is plenty of room for improvement. Even if the sun does not shine on us on February 26, it is worth mentioning that it has been an amazing learning experience that we will always cherish.

We are also very excited for EADA’s other team, who we believe have done an excellent job and we would like to extend our very best to them – we truly hope that they make it to Madrid for the final presentation.

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