Feb 262018

Mahomed Zameer- Alumnus of the International Master in Finance, class of 2017

We interviewed Mahomed Zameer Adam (Mozambique) alumnus of the International Master in Finance, class of 2017. Mahomed holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Management. After graduating from EADA, he joined the oil and energy giant Galp as a Financial Analyst in Portugal.

How did your EADA experience prepare you for your career post-graduation?

My EADA experience was extremely rewarding. At EADA, I was challenged to learn quickly and work under pressure while at the same time seeing the big picture and thinking critically about the problem. The approach we used to solve case studies and the group assignments is similar to the way I work at my current job. I have been working for 5 months and I have already applied more than 80% of what I learned at EADA.

How did the EADA experience change you?

I used to doubt my capabilities, but now I am more confident. My experience at the Leadership Training Campus was crucial for my personal and professional development. The activities we took part in forced me out my comfort zone and made me realise that I am able to do much more and better.

What was your biggest growth area in the masters?

My biggest growth area was the leadership modules that taught me key soft skills for the work environment such as how to work in multicultural teams, how to communicate effectively and how to develop a personalised framework for negotiations.

How did the “Structured Finance” course on the Corporate Finance track help you in your current position at Galp?

In the “Structured Finance” course, I learned how to analyse complex, strategic investments and how to build an integrated financial model. I also learned how to structure deals with project finance developing SPV´s to maximise shareholders’ returns.

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