Mar 232018

Ella Boniuk- International MBA programme director

As a generalist degree, the core of the MBA programme provides a broad overview of all key functional areas related to the management of organisations and people.

Upon the completion of this core introduction, participants have the chance to delve deeper into the functional area of their interest. The EADA MBA provides an opportunity to gain specialised knowledge through the following Paths of Development: Structured Finance & Energy, Customer Experience & Multichannel Management, Global Innovation Management.

Each path spans over a period of seven weeks during which participants gain relevant knowledge and immediately apply it to a real-life challenge presented by their client. In the past, such companies as Desigual, Festo, and Telefonica have provided real-time organisational challenges. Student teams took on a role of consultants analysing the challenge and presenting a solution to the management team.

The path also includes an international business trip to an Asian location. During the international immersion, the participants discover new cultures; attend courses on topics related to their specialisations and visit companies. In their free time outside of the official programme, they enjoy discovering the city while strengthening their bonds with their classmates. This year, participants will be travelling to Singapore, Hong Kong and Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The Customer Experience & Multichannel Management POD is designed for individuals who want to gain more expertise in marketing and supply chain. During the programme, students will learn about the full customer journey through topics as channel evaluation, design and strategy, the Chinese digital revolution, identifying and understanding the customer experience, impact of technology on customer experience, digital marketing and omnichannel fulfillment – aligning supply with demand.

The Structured Finance & Energy path attracts participants who want to deepen their financial knowledge and skills, while also learning about the potential opportunities arising in the energy sector. The path covers topics such as oil & gas industry markets, financial statement analysis (revision), investment decision making & operational analysis, commodity trading, financing decision-making and asset-liability modelling, opportunities in the renewables sector and innovation finance, structured finance, hedging and derivatives.

The Global Innovation Management specialisation attracts participants interested in strengthening their overall strategic vision & thinking abilities in order to apply them to the entrepreneurial or corporate innovation settings. In this path, students will be actively engaged in applying the design thinking process in full depth to their client project. This hands-on experience will help them develop new approaches to problem-solving and tapping into their creativity. In addition, they will be exposed to topics such as disruptive innovation, sustainable innovation & smart cities, fin techs, smart design and innovation in Asia. Participants will as well enjoy visits to entrepreneurial and innovation hubs in Barcelona.

The paths bring a welcome change to the programme flow with a new class and team compositions, a variety of activities and the real-life challenge. Participants tend to find this to be the most exciting and rewarding part of their MBA experience.

About the author

Ella Boniuk (Poland)- Director of the International MBA programmes at EADA. A graduate of Languages and British Culture from the University of Varsovia and holds an Executive MBA from Rotterdam School of Management.

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