Apr 192018

International Master in Finance Programme Director- Mr Jaume Bonet

Every organisation relies heavily on teamwork to achieve its goals, and EADA Business School’s programmes put a special emphasis on developing the leadership skills to succeed in this collaborative environment. EADA believes that the classroom experience should reflect what students will see in the real world once they graduate. With this in mind, participants work in teams –just as they will in their future career–, honing their leadership skills and learning the importance of open-mindedness and flexibility.

EADA’s unique Leadership Development Programme is based on the idea that in addition to the practical, case-based classes designed to develop hard skills, it is crucial for our participants to acquire soft skills for today’s competitive business environment.

The Programme takes place at our Residential Training Campus in the Monserrat Mountains outside of Barcelona. Students attend four modules over the academic year, staying two nights for each module.

Participants during the Leadership Modules at EADA´s Residential Training Centre in Collbató

During the modules, students participate in group activities, both inside the classroom and outside in our outdoor training facilities. These activities allow students to put into practice the knowledge that they have gained from the

case-based classes in another context. They become adept at managing the different personalities inside a team, improve presentation and communication skills, and identify strengths and weaknesses. All with an eye to becoming more effective and efficient team leaders in their future careers.

Throughout the four modules, participants learn that in order to lead people effectively, they must first develop the capability to manage themselves (self-confidence and self-criticism). The Leadership Development Programme is specially designed to ensure that students identify and improve their competencies while learning to implement new skills on a one-to-one and one-to-team level. EADA is committed to developing participants’ personal and professional development as future business leaders.

EADA´s Residential Training Centre in Collbató

About the author:

Jaume Bonet holds a degree in Business and an MBA from ESADE and has conducted an International Management Programme at HEC (Paris) and London Business School. Jaume has acquired extensive career experience as head of finance and administration for well-known companies such as Arthur Andersen y Cía., Compañía General de Tabacos de Filipinas, Creaciones Vitorio y Lucchino, Sunco Energías Renovables, Industrias Valls and Hoteles Turísticos Unidos (HOTUSA). He is currently a Financial Consultant and Interim Finance Manager for several SMEs. He is the director of the International Master in Finance and the International Master in Accounting & Financial Management at EADA.

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