Apr 242018

Viktor Lindh- International Master in Management Alumnus, class of 2017

We interviewed Swedish alumnus Viktor Lindh from the International Master in Management class of 2017. Viktor started his own marketing company with two classmates while studying his undergraduate degree and he currently works as an Account Manager at HP near Barcelona.

How does what you learnt at EADA help you in your current position?

There are several things that I learnt that helped accelerate my knowledge in management and business, but the main skills that I developed during my studies were how to think critically in any situation and how to analyse situations from different perspectives. The case study approach used in EADA really helped me gain a better understanding of how to evaluate the current state of a company and which indicators to look for in order to improve.

Do you use innovation in your current position? If yes, how did EADA prepare you for this?

Yes, as a manager in the IT industry, I am expected to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology as well as to contribute to new ideas regarding operations and overall improvement. At EADA, we were taught the importance of ‘added value’ and how to always highlight this, regardless of the area: marketing, sales, management, etc. This mindset has helped me attract the interest of prospects and leads in my job, as I know how to pitch the value proposition through emails, over the phone, in face-to-face meetings and via social media.

What was the most unforgettable moment at EADA for you?

Apart from the graduation, our business trip to Italy was a great experience — we got to work in groups while learning about the local culture. It is tough to say which experience that had the greatest impact, but the modules in the Leadership Training Campus really helped me improve my public speaking and communication skills, which I now use on a daily basis.

How did the EADA experience change you?

I had worked in sales and management before coming to EADA, but I was unaware of my true strengths and weaknesses as they related to business. I used to be a bit abstract in my way of explaining and working, but after my year at EADA, I became much better at delivering information and managing my time and workload, while learning how to use my strengths in the best possible way.

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