May 162018

Lavra Cilenšek- International Master in Marketing alumna, class of 2017

We interviewed Slovenian alumna Lavra Cilenšek, who completed the International Master in Marketing in 2017. Lavra holds a bachelor degree in Business and Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and attended EDHEC Business School through an exchange programme. She has professional experience in Spain, where she currently works as an intern for Amazon in Madrid.

I was a participant of the International Master in Marketing programme at EADA. This was a great decision for many reasons. Firstly, being surrounded by an extremely diverse group of people who made me grow personally and professionally where I learnt different perspectives every day. We were guided and taught by some of the best professionals in the field, coming from different industries and successful companies. Additionally, the environment of young, innovation-driven and the fun city of Barcelona– you have a great recipe for personal and professional development!

Why should students opt for international higher education?

I started my “international path” through an exchange programme in France where I attended for a semester during the last year of my undergraduate degree. I continued with a master in Spain and now I´m living an international life working at Amazon in Madrid. Ever since I went to France, my wish was to be surrounded by international people constantly.

Going out of your home environment can be scary and challenging, but in return, it gives you an invaluable experience of seeing how diverse cultures deal with issues differently. Nothing can give you a new perspective on situations than working in a team with people from 5 different continents. It makes a person more flexible and accepting of different people. You become used to all types of working styles and that in turn makes you more successful with projects. No matter if you decide to continue with the international path or return to your country, having this kind of experience is extremely helpful. For those returning back to your home countries, you become more critical of the “customs” of your culture – like this you have the opportunity to improve and make changes for a whole society to grow. If nothing else convinces you, think about the amount of new delicious food you will try with people from another part of the world.



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