Jul 022018

We interviewed Sergejs Saveljevs from Latvia, a finance alumnus who specialised in Accounting & Financial Management. Here he shares his experience during his year at EADA as well as his professional trajectory post-graduation. Sergejs has worked at HP for the last 3 years, and is currently Sales Support Team Leader.

What did the master’s programme at EADA mean to you?
I feel like the 9 months in EADA were some of the most important of my life. For me, it was a life changing experience. In such a short time, I learned so many things, realised my strengths and weakness and managed to overcome them with the help of professors and my fellow students.

How has the programme helped you develop your career?
It taught me real, applicable skills and broadened my knowledge in many topics: from how to work in a team and on my own to how to think strategically to achieve the best results, no matter what sort of obstacles you may face. The personal development programme in the Residential Training Campus had a huge impact on my personality, on my soft skills and on my overall mindset. I use what I learned every single day in my current position.

What three aspects of the master’s program would you highlight?
1. The personal development programme – It was an eye-opening experience. You may forget hard skills, but if you learn soft skills right, you carry them for life. And soft skills are applicable in any job or situation.
2. The very strong team of faculty members with in-depth knowledge of the subjects
taught. The administrative staff also make sure that things run smoothly and are
always ready to assist you.
3. The high quality of learning materials. All the business cases from class are applicable to your future professional life.

What have you learned from your master’s that you can apply on a daily basis?
I have learned many hard skills, like financial analysis, but most importantly, I learned how to listen to my colleagues, understand different opinions and to achieve a common goal.

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