Aug 242016
The experience of EADA Alumni Jochen Bischoff, Client Solutions manager at Facebook

EADA’s current International Master in Marketing participants took part in a class with alumni Jochen Bischoff. Jochen is client solutions manager at Facebook and also works as a communication consultant specialised in digital channels. He completed the International Master in Marketing in 2008 and came back to share his experience post-graduation. Bischorff talked about his […]

Jul 272016
The International Master in Management in Italy: learning how local managers define their global strategy

I went to Trieste, Italy with the International Master in Management participants for this year’s International Business Trip, hosted by the MIB School of Management. The trip was designed to provide insight into the Italian business environment and demonstrate how local managers work to define their global strategy. I now understood how the local art […]

Jul 272016
Learning from classmates and building upon joint successes in the EADA-Residential Training Centre

The EADA-Residential Training Centre is located 40 km outside of Barcelona, facing the breath-taking Montserrat Natural Park. In the Centre, time and space acquire a different dimension, promoting intense personal skills training and managerial skills development. The Professional Development Programme (PDP) includes four modules, with 1 module every 2 months spread over the whole course, […]

Jun 202016
"Symrise AG – A Company Valuation" Takes Best Final Project in the Master in Finance

EADA Business School is proud to announce that the Best Final Project Award 2015/2016 Master in Finance class has been awarded to the project “Symrise AG – A Company Valuation”. The winning team was made up of Dorian Berndt (Germany), Enrique De La Paz (Mexico), Michael Hornung-Moser (Germany), Jose Christopher Nicolas (Philippines), Alejandro Francisco Pérez […]

Jun 142016
My experience working in a start-up: by International Master in Management participant Diego Luyten

EADA has collaborated with ACCIO, a government-sponsored organisation promoting entrepreneurial activities. This pioneering programme between EADA’s Centre of Entrepreneurship and ACCIO allows International Master in Management participants to work on their final project as consultants in real start-up companies, facing all challenges of the business world and putting into practice what they have learned during […]

Jun 142016
International Master in Marketing alumnus Benoit Mouret describes his experience launching a startup

French alumnus Benoit Mouret completed the International Master in Marketing at EADA in 2011. Here he explains how the Master opened doors for him into the world of ecommerce, and how he launched his first startup,, which was recently bought by Hellotrip. I’ve always been interested in ecommerce business and marketing strategies. For this […]

May 312016
Ana María Rodríguez, EADA alumna: “The important thing is not so much to reach the finish line, but the road you take to get there”

The success story of Colombian Ana María Rodríguez, alumna of the EADA International Master in Marketing 2007-2008, is the story of a dream come true. Her great passion for marketing brought her to Barcelona to study in EADA and forge her career in this constantly evolving field. After completing the master, she has reaped one […]

May 312016
Ten skills of a leader-coach

Many articles have been written on leadership and coaching as separate disciplines, presenting guidelines for fostering people’s development within organisations. Leadership based on coaching starts with an eminently inductive approach whereby the leader-coach accompanies the collaborator in exploring and finding their own answers in order to determine and direct their improvement process. The positive repercussions […]

May 272016
EADA supports Chinese entrepreneurs living in Spain

EADA continues to support the Chinese community in Spain, while at the same time working towards establishing new lines of collaboration with Chinese companies and institutions. This year, EADA presented “China Spain Innovation & Ventures”. The platform was set up last summer by Margaret Chen –member of the EADA International Advisory Board and honorary president […]

May 252016
EADA participates in The Negotiation Challenge 2016 in Vienna

The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) began in 2007, and is a competition specially designed to prepare participants for the complex negotiations that will form a part of their everyday professional life after graduation. This year, TNC took place in April in Vienna, Austria.  Approximately forty teams representing schools from around the world applied for the Challenge, […]