Jun 022018
Singapore, a trip to the future and innovation technology

As a participant of the International MBA Bilingual programme, I had the opportunity to experience a week in Singapore during the Path of Development week with the specialisation module Global Innovation Management—and I profess, it was a trip to the future! Singapore is a city that accommodates a vast population of 6 million habitants in […]

May 162018
EADA´s Master in Marketing is a great recipe for your personal and professional development!

We interviewed Slovenian alumna Lavra Cilenšek, who completed the International Master in Marketing in 2017. Lavra holds a bachelor degree in Business and Economics from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana and attended EDHEC Business School through an exchange programme. She has professional experience in Spain, where she currently works as an intern for […]

May 042018
Are you mastering your non-market strategy?

The Latins used the proverb “Homo faber fortunae suae”. That is, men are responsible for their fate. While I certainly respect the ancient culture of the Latin people, I would kindly advice Appius Claudius Caecus (supposedly the author of the quote) to be a bit less self-confident. Men (and women) are only partially responsible for […]

Apr 242018
From EADA to working at Hewlett-Packard

We interviewed Swedish alumnus Viktor Lindh from the International Master in Management class of 2017. Viktor started his own marketing company with two classmates while studying his undergraduate degree and he currently works as an Account Manager at HP near Barcelona. How does what you learnt at EADA help you in your current position? There […]

Apr 192018
EADA´s Unique Leadership Development Programme

Every organisation relies heavily on teamwork to achieve its goals, and EADA Business School’s programmes put a special emphasis on developing the leadership skills to succeed in this collaborative environment. EADA believes that the classroom experience should reflect what students will see in the real world once they graduate. With this in mind, participants work […]

Apr 172018
EADA achieves the second place at The Negotiation Challenge

 EADA’s International MBA participants are among the world’s best negotiators. The World Championship in Negotiation –the final round of the latest 2018 edition of The Negotiation Challenge (TNC)–,  took place fron April 5-8 in San Francisco, EADA’s team took second place behind their American competitors at the Washington College of Law (Washington D.C., USA). The stars of this […]

Apr 062018
Fostering entrepreneurship & innovation through extracurricular activities

Barcelona is currently one of the top Entrepreneurial Hubs in Europe, you can get a glimpse of all the activity either through Barcinno or Silicon Valley Barcelona, both are alumni promoted news sources to track entrepreneurial and innovation news in the city. To enrich our participants experience and to connect them with the players of […]

Mar 262018
Growth Hacking: The Age of Rapid Experimentation

Growth hacking is the skill of the future. It is most commonly linked to startups, digital marketing, data and technology although it is not easy to agree on a universal definition of the concept. According to Peter van Sabben, co-founder of top European growth hacking academy, Growth Tribe, it is a way of doing marketing […]

Mar 232018
EADA ´s International MBA Paths of Development

As a generalist degree, the core of the MBA programme provides a broad overview of all key functional areas related to the management of organisations and people. Upon the completion of this core introduction, participants have the chance to delve deeper into the functional area of their interest. The EADA MBA provides an opportunity to […]

Mar 192018
"Making Marketing Happen"- Master´s International Marketing Trip to Amsterdam

Travelling is one of the best ways to learn. This has never been truer if the reason for the trip is to learn about marketing at Nike or Danone or to experience growth hacking, one of the most popular trends in digital marketing, at one of the top startup hubs in Europe, Growth Tribe.  This […]