Jul 242018
Leading change through personal branding

In the current VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, professionals face increasingly complex challenges on a daily basis. This world requires us to have more than just our headlights on and companies need authentic leaders with clear goals to guide their teams through these uncertain but motivating times of change by leading by […]

Jul 202018
A Snapshot of How Fintech Will Change Our Lives

Financial services technology or Fintech is revolutionising the financial services industry and is causing disruption to segments ranging from commercial banking, payment methods, and investments to private banking, asset management and compliance. The disruption caused by Fintech in the financial sector is making it easier for people and companies to access and manage their financial […]

Jul 172018
Professor David Roman: “Google is the online Big Brother”

In March 2018, the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke in the news. The British consultancy firm had obtained Facebook personal data of around 3 million people which had then been used for electoral purposes in the 2017 US Presidential elections, in which Donald Trump was elected president. As a result of this scandal, many Internet users […]

Jul 112018
Skeeled, when recruitment becomes more digital

We interviewed alumni Mike Reiffers (Luxembourg) about his experience launching a business after graduation from EADA’s International Master in Management. Mike co-founded skeeled with classmate Nicolas Speeckaert (Belgium), and they are currently equal managing partners, managing the company, its operations and its teams in Luxembourg, Brussels and Porto. Can you tell us a bit about […]

Jun 022018
Singapore, a trip to the future and innovation technology

As a participant of the International MBA Bilingual programme, I had the opportunity to experience a week in Singapore during the Path of Development week with the specialisation module Global Innovation Management—and I profess, it was a trip to the future! Singapore is a city that accommodates a vast population of 6 million habitants in […]

May 042018
Are you mastering your non-market strategy?

The Latins used the proverb “Homo faber fortunae suae”. That is, men are responsible for their fate. While I certainly respect the ancient culture of the Latin people, I would kindly advice Appius Claudius Caecus (supposedly the author of the quote) to be a bit less self-confident. Men (and women) are only partially responsible for […]

Apr 202018
Do you want to save money, be happier and help the planet?  The answer is Zero Waste

During the International Week, full-time master’s participants at EADA take part in electives focused on sustainability and responsible management. One of the electives this year was dedicated to the “Zero Waste” movement, presented by International Master in Marketing alumna Marta Balaguer and Doris Knickmeyer, member of the Zero Waste Barcelona Network. Here Marta shares a […]

Apr 192018
EADA´s Unique Leadership Development Programme

Every organisation relies heavily on teamwork to achieve its goals, and EADA Business School’s programmes put a special emphasis on developing the leadership skills to succeed in this collaborative environment. EADA believes that the classroom experience should reflect what students will see in the real world once they graduate. With this in mind, participants work […]

Mar 262018
Growth Hacking: The Age of Rapid Experimentation

Growth hacking is the skill of the future. It is most commonly linked to startups, digital marketing, data and technology although it is not easy to agree on a universal definition of the concept. According to Peter van Sabben, co-founder of top European growth hacking academy, Growth Tribe, it is a way of doing marketing […]