Jun 082016
‘Brexit’: Identity trumps economics

On May 6, 2016, the election for Mayor of London displayed the best side of British society: open, integrated, and able to incorporate anyone with the same values into its sense of national identity. The coming referendum in Great Britain could reveal a very different side of the country. But let’s flashback to April 30, […]

May 272016
How do I finance my business project?

Companies, and especially startups and SMBs, are resorting more and more to alternative funding to finance projects or simply to expand their business. The crisis has reduced the amount of available credit in banks and tightened lending terms. As a result, options such as crowdfunding, business angels, venture capital and private equity are on the […]

May 262016
The Yunus Social Business Centre of Barcelona aims to promote the setting up of social companies by young entrepreneurs

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, has given the go head for setting up the next Yunus Social Business Centre in Barcelona, a centre that will foster the creation of social companies  –businesses created for the social good rather than for making private profit– which will be connected with the other 17 centres […]

May 252016
Zen business: Applying harmony inside the company

The Zen philosophy has reached the business world. More and more organisations are adopting a new business paradigm where money is the means and social impact is the end. This new corporate vision, which has been coined “Zen business”, resolves and transcends the apparent contradiction between economic and social businesses. As various studies have shown, […]

May 242016
Local citizens and entrepreneurs lead the transformation of cities

In the few months that Dr. Boyd Cohen has been in Barcelona, he has convinced several international leaders to set up the world’s first responsible sharing economy accelerator for startups. This marks yet another step in his successful career dedicated to teaching and research in subjects such as smart cities, entrepreneurship and the sustainable sharing […]

May 232016
Leaders versus managers: People before numbers

Leaders or managers? Although both figures are essential in a company, they are two completely different concepts, which often leads to confusion. In general, managers are oriented towards results, to achieving pre-set goals and objectives as quickly as possible. Leadership, on the other hand, entails much more than the simple management of a company: a […]

May 232016
Leadership & Motivation: Giving orders isn’t the same as motivating

Do we need to arrive at work already motivated for the day ahead? This would be ideal, as both the workers and the company would stand to win. However, the reality is quite different, as a large number of people are demotivated by their job. The reasons for this lack of motivation may range from […]

Apr 112016
Quiet Leadership: The science and praxis of neuroleadership

The exponential growth of the broad field of neuroscience in the past two decades has resulted in a body of knowledge based on empirical neuroscientific research that seeks to understand how the human brain works. NeuroLeadership is the multidisciplinary and multilevel study (neurological, psychological, sociological and organisational) and practice of organisational leadership and interpersonal and […]

Apr 112016
The art of being present: how the practice of ‘mindfulness’ can bring enthusiasm back into organizations

Any attempts at organisational transformation need to begin with changes in people. To achieve this, leaders in the 21st century must seek out tools that foster resilience, further creativity, improve decision making and stimulate empathy. Resources such as mindfulness involve paying attention to what is going on in our mind, body and surroundings moment by […]

Mar 312016
Hype and Fundamentals. A Review of Day One at FOM15 (I)

This post aims to share some insights from the first day of Festival of Marketing 2015 (FOM15) in London. The idea of bringing 32 participants from our International Master in Marketing EADA to this event is simple: provide a quick and intense immersion into the latest practice in Marketing and the issues that leading professionals […]