Jan 082018
The MBA deepened my knowledge in all the areas and functions of a business

We met up with International MBA alumnus Iván Alvarez Holmann in his home country of Nicaragua. Iván attended university in the United States, where he also began his professional career. After completing his International MBA in Europe, Iván returned to Nicaragua to join the Mercon Coffee Group as Business Development Manager. The MBA helped Iván […]

Jan 032018
Programme Verano I Chiapas- Business Can Improve The World

The Verano I in Chiapas is an academic programme with the objective of helping less favoured communities with the aim of training professionals, enabling them to understand the advantages of sustainability, ethical values and citizenship.  The programme is organised by Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus in Chiapas and uses the educational model TEC21, based on […]

Dec 272017
Agustín Mestre: “I want to make the world a better place to live in”

Once again, EADA was represented at the Trobada d’Economia de S’Agaró, held in November and organised by Fundación Olof Palme. This edition (number 22), was attended by Agustín Mestre (Argentina), a current participant of EADA´s International MBA programme. During the interview, we spoke to him about his experience at the forum, the issues that were debated and his […]

Dec 182017
Josep M. Coll: “The highest level of trust is when a brand speaks to the consumer’s spirit”

The Great Recession saw the fall of big empires, especially, but not limited to, the banking industry, such as Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Enron. These companies cheated their customers through false branding in the context of capitalistic clientelism. This resulted not only in an economic crisis, but also in a crisis of trust. Consequently, consumers became […]

Dec 052017
EADA students at the “Event on the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

On November 24, the Mornings4 Foundation hosted the first ever “Event on the Fourth Industrial Revolution” in Diagonal Zero in Barcelona. Mornings4 works to create a better future by keeping up to date on 4.0 technologies, and promoting positive views of these technologies. EADA associate professor Dr Athina Sismanidou is one of the co-founders of […]

Dec 042017
EADA Community Blockchain Event

There is no doubt that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic lately. In November, EADA had the pleasure of hosting a talk by Marc Wolenik, entrepreneur, speaker and author with extensive experience in Distributed Ledger Technologies. The Bitcoin enthusiast gave a presentation on Blockchain, the technology underlying the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Wolenik’s presentation […]

Dec 012017
Artificial Intelligence opportunities for startups

What is the role of AI startup firms in the European Union? On November 8, 2017, the European Commission celebrated the annual ICT Proposers’ Day. This year, the Hungarian Ministry of National Development hosted the event, and the organisation was outstanding. The event focused on the 2018 Calls for Proposals of the Horizon 2020 Work […]

Nov 202017
The MBA helped me develop my leadership skills

We interviewed Colombian MBA alumnus Santiago Ceballos from the class of 2017. Here he shares his experience during his year in Barcelona as well as his new professional challenges. Santiago received a scholarship from Bancolombia –where he has worked for more than 10 years– to complete an MBA abroad and to continue his successful career. […]

Nov 142017
The MBA: A once-in-a-lifetime experience

We interviewed Colombian MBA alumnus Daniel Hernan. Daniel is a graduate of the Universidad Javeriana, and has extensive experience in communication in companies such as Edelman and Burson Masteller. He is currently the Communications Manager – Colombia & Venezuela for GSK. According to Daniel, his MBA experience was key in the development of a strategic […]

Oct 202017
EADA announces teams for the CFA Research Challenge 2018

This month, the teams that EADA will send to the CFA Research Challenge 2018 were announced. The annual event is organised by the CFA Institute and is among the most prestigious finance competitions with teams from more than 1000 universities and business schools around the world. Participating teams must produce an investor report for a […]