Aug 252016
'Effectuation': the art of the entrepreneur

Do you need an MBA in order to teach entrepreneurship? Do you need specific prior training to start up a business? Some successful entrepreneurs say that higher education may actually get in the way of creativity in the new project. They say that a smart entrepreneur can get a project off the ground without integrating […]

Aug 252016
Boyd Cohen defends the power of cities as spaces for boosting innovation and entrepreneurship.

“Are you sure you want to go to Silicon Valley? Don’t be mistaken, this is much better…” Whilst Dr Boyd Cohen is saying this, he is seated with a carrot juice in front of him in a bar near Macià square and it’s Barcelona he’s referring to. “This city is full of spaces that are […]

Aug 092016
Industry 4.0: about making stuff and being sexy

The fourth industrial revolution is taking place at a dizzying speed. The new buzzwords are digitization, interconnectivity, artificial intelligence, data life cycles, 3D-printing, and the internet of things (IoT). Beyond buzzwords, this is all about blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological. Consequently, the World Manufacturing Forum (WMF), hosted in Barcelona last May […]

Jul 262016
Millennial tourism

We live with a digital layer, which, like a layer of dust, covers everything and penetrates all aspects of our lives. It is always there, and this has obviously had repercussions on the products and services provided by companies in the tourism industry, changing how they relate to customers and how they “do” tourism. Without […]

Jul 262016
Technology and new trends in tourist travel

Technology, digitalisation and the Internet will continue to mark the future of companies in the tourism industry and the way that they do business. We are half way through 2016 and 2017 is fast approaching. Yet despite several technological breakthroughs, our world still doesn’t look anything like the Los Angeles of 2019 depicted in Blade […]

Jun 212016
Evolution of Innovation Management. What does it take to move from a closed to an open innovation strategy?

In my book “Evolution of Innovation Management: Trends in an International Context“, published by Palgrave MacMillan and co-edited with my colleague Alexander Brem, I have underlined that the open innovation trend,  where companies are expanding their boundaries for getting new ideas, is still continuing. On one hand, companies are forced to intensify their innovation potential […]

Jun 082016
‘Brexit’: Identity trumps economics

On May 6, 2016, the election for Mayor of London displayed the best side of British society: open, integrated, and able to incorporate anyone with the same values into its sense of national identity. The coming referendum in Great Britain could reveal a very different side of the country. But let’s flashback to April 30, […]

May 272016
How do I finance my business project?

Companies, and especially startups and SMBs, are resorting more and more to alternative funding to finance projects or simply to expand their business. The crisis has reduced the amount of available credit in banks and tightened lending terms. As a result, options such as crowdfunding, business angels, venture capital and private equity are on the […]

May 262016
The Yunus Social Business Centre of Barcelona aims to promote the setting up of social companies by young entrepreneurs

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, has given the go head for setting up the next Yunus Social Business Centre in Barcelona, a centre that will foster the creation of social companies  –businesses created for the social good rather than for making private profit– which will be connected with the other 17 centres […]

May 252016
Zen business: Applying harmony inside the company

The Zen philosophy has reached the business world. More and more organisations are adopting a new business paradigm where money is the means and social impact is the end. This new corporate vision, which has been coined “Zen business”, resolves and transcends the apparent contradiction between economic and social businesses. As various studies have shown, […]