Aug 072017
Internationalisation and expansion in Greece

Tourism in Greece is booming and is forecasted to hit more than 30 million tourists in 2017. Although non-resident inbound visitors are constantly increasing, tourism revenue dropped by 6.5% to 13.2 billion euros last year, according to the Bank of Greece. Another study, conducted by the international hospitality consultancy HVS, highlights the great lack of […]

Jul 182017
Barcelona: A home away from home for Katia Naji

Katia Naji just finished her International Master in Marketing in June of this year. We asked Katia to share her memories of her time in Barcelona… Besides being a major higher education hub, Spain is famous for its high quality of life, beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, appealing Mediterranean climate and vibrant nightlife. As a student […]

Jul 112017
What is networking? Miquel Roselló Álvarez, Career Advisor, answers this question

Eighty percent of job vacancies are not advertised on job search portals – this is the hidden market that we are all aware of. The key lies in how to source this market with so many opportunities. There are two main strategies: spontaneous applications and long-term networking. STRATEGY 1: SPONTANEOUS APPLICATIONS The first step in […]

Jul 042017
5 must-do activities during your year in Barcelona

Mozambican Mohamed Zameer Adam graduated from the International Master in Finance in June. Here he shares five things you can’t miss during your time in Barcelona. 1) A walk through to the Palau Nacional A great place to have a pleasant walk in the afternoon while passing by the amazing fountains. While you’re there, you […]

May 052017
A dream come true for Camila Cardenas

In this era of great challenges, where globalisation demands that we are constantly at the forefront of everything while still maintaining high academic standards, it is key to choose our professional path carefully. This is the path that will lead us to our goals and dreams. With this in mind, I chose to continue my […]

Oct 192016
Eada and HHL start 5th Global Executive MBA intake

On Sunday, October 2, EADA and HHL celebrated the intake of the fifth batch of the Global Executive MBA program. The 15 new students represent the most diverse class ever, coming from North & South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. For the first time, Eada and HHL are also welcoming students from Iran, Afghanistan or […]

Jul 152015
“Born to Run”? by Michela Secci

Curiosity makes people move; it makes them think and learn more. I’m so grateful whenever somebody shares a new idea, a new plan or simply something new he or she learned. My friends at EADA are always doing this; they want to discover and grow, and they always want others to be part of their […]

Jul 142015
EADA 3rd in the world in Career Rank by FT2015

EADA Business School is pleased to announce the results of the Financial Times Masters in Finance 2015 Ranking EADA’s International Master in Finance is ranked:   Among the top 24 best International Masters in Finance in the world 86% employment rate 3 months after graduation 3rd in the world in Career Rank (1st in Spain) […]

Jan 202014
MBA Social Corporate project by Patricia Yaya

EADA, MACBA AND AMERICAN SCHOOL OF BARCELONA ORGANIZE ‘’COMIDART’’ TO FOSTER CHILDREN´S EDUCATION 200 students from the international school American School of Barcelona will participate in this initiative being advised by 60 MBA students of EADA Business School Student will create pieces of modern art to show the educational reality that children in underdeveloped countries, […]

Jan 102014
Continue growing through EADA in Barcelona, Paris and London

EADA will select two  alumni from our MBA and master programmes to take part in Imagine Express, a programme aimed to generate businesses in the Mobile sector. Imagine Express will take place during a 4-day trip by train that will travel from Barcelona-Paris-London. The 36 participants will be divided into groups of 3 with the […]