May 172017
Finance masters return from International Business Trip in Frankfurt

Each spring, students from the EADA finance programmes –International Master in Finance, International Master in Accounting & Financial Management, Master Internacional en Finanzas – Bilingüe– have the option of participating in an international business trip. This year, more than 35 participants travelled to the financial capital of Frankfurt. We asked three students to share their […]

May 052017
A dream come true for Camila Cardenas

In this era of great challenges, where globalisation demands that we are constantly at the forefront of everything while still maintaining high academic standards, it is key to choose our professional path carefully. This is the path that will lead us to our goals and dreams. With this in mind, I chose to continue my […]

May 052017
MBA Negotiation Challenge participants share their experience in Bogota

Last week, EADA’s International MBA team returned from The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) held at the School of Management of Universidad de los Andes (UASM) in Bogota, Colombia. TNC brings together teams from the top business and law schools around the world to negotiate and network. We asked participants Clinton Walker (Australia), Daniel Felipe Petro (Colombia) […]

May 052017
Disruptive Innovation: A Concept From the Past that Makes the Difference Today

Associate Dean Jordi Díaz shares his views on the continued relevance of disruptive innovation. The concept of disruptive innovation is not new. Professor Clayton Christensen popularised it on his book The Innovator’s Dilemma in 1997. Twenty years ago, he talked about a new way of innovating based on the introduction of sophisticated technologies to optimise processes and […]

May 032017
MBA participants return from international negotiation challenge

EADA MBA participants Clinton Walker (Australia), Daniel Felipe Petro (Colombia) and Julian Schmid (Austria) returned last week from The Negotiation Challenge 2017 (TNC). Julian was inspired to join the team after a module in the EADA-Collabtó Residential Training Centre presented by Steven Gates, founder of The Gap Partnership, the world’s leading negotiation consultancy. “He emphasised […]

Apr 282017
Adapt, emigrate or disappear

Companies find themselves in increasingly turbulent environments; in other words, they are not only changing at lightning speed, but they are also doing so in unpredictable ways. Companies, like species, have three options: they can adapt, emigrate or disappear. Choosing an adaptation strategy Adaptation depends on the capacity to address the new environment and the […]

Apr 032017
Barcelona: An Experience Like No Other

From awe-inspiring art and architecture, to fascinating historical sites, captivating landscapes, and one of the finest cuisines in the world, Barcelona is a city with a contagiously vibrant spirit. Located on the northeast coast of Spain and facing the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona offers an energizing seaside atmosphere combined with the buzz of a metropolitan city. Its […]

Mar 282017
EADA Finalist in the CFA Research Challenge 2017

This month, EADA Business School placed among the finalists of the local CFA Research Challenge. At the beginning of March, teams were required to submit a written report on Merlin Properties. The report calculated the intrinsic share value and, taking into account the current market price, expressed a recommendation to buy, sell or hold. EADA […]

Mar 282017
EADA MiM Students Create Business Plans for Entrepreneurs

Many technology-based business projects are left on the shelf in the hope that someday they will be converted into startups. The main obstacle is not the business idea because in the majority of cases we are dealing with innovative projects that could entail a significant innovation in the scientific field. What entrepreneurs lack is the […]

Mar 132017
3 Ways to Flex Your Global Mindset for Employers

Everyone agrees that a global mindset is key in today’s business world, but what remains unclear is how to develop the perspective, competencies, and analytical skills that make this attitude so valuable to employers. So just what is the magic formula? When we talk about a global mindset, we are basically talking about developing competencies […]