Jan 032018
Programme Verano I Chiapas- Business Can Improve The World

The Verano I in Chiapas is an academic programme with the objective of helping less favoured communities with the aim of training professionals, enabling them to understand the advantages of sustainability, ethical values and citizenship.  The programme is organised by Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus in Chiapas and uses the educational model TEC21, based on […]

Dec 272017
Agustín Mestre: “I want to make the world a better place to live in”

Once again, EADA was represented at the Trobada d’Economia de S’Agaró, held in November and organised by Fundación Olof Palme. This edition (number 22), was attended by Agustín Mestre (Argentina), a current participant of EADA´s International MBA programme. During the interview, we spoke to him about his experience at the forum, the issues that were debated and his […]

Dec 222017
The CFA Research Challenge- Week Four

Grecia This week we had a very informative session with our advisor Albert. He is very good at guiding us through the evaluation process, and all of the information he provides is extremely helpful. With the Winter Break starting, it will be hard for us to meet up in person, but we will continue to […]

Dec 202017
The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino: a leader in sustainable tourism

As a Tourism & Hospitality Management student, I was recently lucky enough to take part in a business trip to Greece organised by EADA Business School Barcelona. The trip was organised in partnership with ALBA Business School, a business school in Athens, where we spent two days participating in lectures and learning about the Greek […]

Dec 182017
Josep M. Coll: “The highest level of trust is when a brand speaks to the consumer’s spirit”

The Great Recession saw the fall of big empires, especially, but not limited to, the banking industry, such as Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and Enron. These companies cheated their customers through false branding in the context of capitalistic clientelism. This resulted not only in an economic crisis, but also in a crisis of trust. Consequently, consumers became […]

Dec 142017
The CFA Research Challenge- Week Three

Ashiqur Rahman With finals knocking at the door, this week meant business. While the whole school was buried under piles of books and class notes, guess what the CFA Research Challenge Team was doing? We actually met up not just once, but twice, this week to work on the research. Since we had a meeting […]

Dec 122017
The MBA gave me the opportunity to pursue a career in the banking sector

We met up with Australian MBA alumnus Clinton Walker in London to find out how things have been going since graduation. Clinton is currently working as a financial analyst at Africa Merchant Capital Ltd. He did the MBA with the aim of boosting his career in engineering. During the programme, Clinton discovered a passion for […]

Dec 072017
The CFA Research Challenge- Week Two

Grecia Colmenares  This week has been difficult for us to work on the CFA Research Challenge due to the load of final projects and final exams that we currently have. We are very excited and feeling much more confident about Indra’s information as well as our general knowledge of the company. The access to the […]

Dec 052017
The CFA Research Challenge- Week One

Hosted by the CFA Institute, the CFA  Research Challenge provides the opportunity for top finance students from all over the world to demonstrate their know-how. Teams produce an investor report for a publically listed company (this year’s company: Indra), completing a comprehensive financial analysis, a 5-year forecast of financial statements and a final company valuation. Final reports […]

Dec 052017
EADA students at the “Event on the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

On November 24, the Mornings4 Foundation hosted the first ever “Event on the Fourth Industrial Revolution” in Diagonal Zero in Barcelona. Mornings4 works to create a better future by keeping up to date on 4.0 technologies, and promoting positive views of these technologies. EADA associate professor Dr Athina Sismanidou is one of the co-founders of […]