Jan 302017
Bruno Cohanier: “To become a CFO you need to prove you are a capable cross-disciplinary manager”

Dr Bruno Cohanier has just joined EADA’s Finance and Accounting Management Department. He has a wide range of experience in designing programmes in Management Accounting and Financial Accounting for business schools. In this interview, Dr Cohanier shares his views on performance management, the aligning of diverse resources, systems and employees to identify priorities and reach […]

Feb 042016
Interview with Programme Director, Jaume Bonet

Jaume Bonet is the Director of the International Master in Finance, International Master in Accounting & Financial Management and the Master Internacional en Finanzas – Bilingüe. We spoke with him about his extensive experience in the field and the finance programme highlights. – Can you explain a bit about your experience before EADA? What unique […]