Jun 142016
My experience working in a start-up: by International Master in Management participant Diego Luyten

EADA has collaborated with ACCIO, a government-sponsored organisation promoting entrepreneurial activities. This pioneering programme between EADA’s Centre of Entrepreneurship and ACCIO allows International Master in Management participants to work on their final project as consultants in real start-up companies, facing all challenges of the business world and putting into practice what they have learned during […]

May 182016
Innovative online platform brings employers together with MBA students for a Virtual Career Fair

With sweeping digitization revolutionizing the education industry, MBA hiring is increasingly moving online. From April 25-28, over 350 MBA students from some of Europe’s leading business schools took part in the European MBA Virtual Career Fair, an innovative, entirely digitally-based careers event. EADA Business School was one of a group of seven top-ranked, accredited business […]

May 182016
How to make my value visible during the selection process

It seems to me that the most difficult thing in all job search processes is to find out what distinguishes us, what enables us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and what will be most appreciated by the employer. Candidates in a selection process should be aware that they are competing with other professionals who […]

Feb 282016
What do candidates look for in ideal employers?

What do candidates need to see in their ideal employer in talent hunting processes?Data gathered on the millennials and employees from different countries point to the following critical aspects: – Purpose and innovation: Ideal employers are employers whose employees can align themselves with the organisation’s values, meaningfully explain their stories and provide space for being innovative, thus contributing to […]