Jan 102018
My Experience in Chiapas by Victoria Matteucci

The Verano I in Chiapas is an academic programme with the objective of helping less favoured communities with the aim of training professionals, enabling them to understand the advantages of sustainability, ethical values and citizenship. The programme is organised by Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus in Chiapas and uses the educational model TEC21, based on […]

Aug 252016
'Effectuation': the art of the entrepreneur

Do you need an MBA in order to teach entrepreneurship? Do you need specific prior training to start up a business? Some successful entrepreneurs say that higher education may actually get in the way of creativity in the new project. They say that a smart entrepreneur can get a project off the ground without integrating […]

Jun 142016
International Master in Marketing alumnus Benoit Mouret describes his experience launching a startup

French alumnus Benoit Mouret completed the International Master in Marketing at EADA in 2011. Here he explains how the Master opened doors for him into the world of ecommerce, and how he launched his first startup, Grapy.fr, which was recently bought by Hellotrip. I’ve always been interested in ecommerce business and marketing strategies. For this […]

May 272016
EADA supports Chinese entrepreneurs living in Spain

EADA continues to support the Chinese community in Spain, while at the same time working towards establishing new lines of collaboration with Chinese companies and institutions. This year, EADA presented “China Spain Innovation & Ventures”. The platform was set up last summer by Margaret Chen –member of the EADA International Advisory Board and honorary president […]

May 262016
The Yunus Social Business Centre of Barcelona aims to promote the setting up of social companies by young entrepreneurs

The 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, has given the go head for setting up the next Yunus Social Business Centre in Barcelona, a centre that will foster the creation of social companies  –businesses created for the social good rather than for making private profit– which will be connected with the other 17 centres […]